AerialOne Solution: Gathers Data, AI Processes Into Actionable Information Via Configurable Dashboards.

Many assets have a life that can span decades. It is critical to manage and minimize total cost of ownership in as safe a manner as possible. Digital Twin is how this is done!

See AerialOne asset types incorporated into a Digital Twin Solution. If there are additional assets, please inquire

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Owner Staff, Prime and Sub contractors all use same verified information to save time and reduce errors.


Augment inspection and allow staff to view remotely, away from potentially hazardous inspection processes.  Objective, AI asset status, represents a force multiplier to staff expertise especially in times of COVID.


See the Past, View Present(Real Time), Predict Future


AerialOne and Client agree upon baseline values to be created(dollars saved, safety, speed, etc).  AerialOne provides report card each quarter on results to support continual improvement above baseline.

Thousands Of Digital Twin Asset Elements

  • Have Their Own Tolerances For AI To Identify.
  • Each Location Of Each Element Exception is Identified And Presented In AerialOne’s Platform Or Can Be Integrated Into Clients Systems.
  • Frequent Inspection Or Annual Asset Inventory Completed Quickly, Safely Via Objective Assessment.
  • Simulations Also Supported By Changing Either “Discrete” Or “Changes Over Time” Tolerances Parameters

Collaboration between head quarters, project management, prime, sub

Digital Twin Augments RPLS Survey & Pipeline

Digital Twin survey's stamped by RPLS. Survey jobs completed in substantially less time, with greater accuracy.

Above/Below Ground Pipeline Management - Digital sensors detect degradation in lining, coating, pipe location, determine depth, isolate degradation point

Sub-Millimeter Models And Exceptions.

Such models can be generated within hours, gathered daily, weekly or annually.

  • AerialOne AI can detect hundreds of element exceptions, spanning numerous sensor types while cataloging all data
  • Remotely view & analyzed by staff.
  • Analysis at a point in time or velocity of degradation over time for predictive maintenance.
  • Highly accurate “As Built”.
  • Highly effective for risk & insurance claims and audit of completed work

Substantial Value Via Digital Twin

Hard, soft and intangible Digital Twin values expectations jointly agreed upon between Client and AerialOne

Substantial Values Across Departments of An Owner

  • Data/Information shared across departments, Prime and Sub Contractors
  • Objective Condition Assessment
  • Save Time, cost and reduce risk of asset management & construction projects
  • Staff and Public safety substantially improved via Digital Twin.

Digital Twin Creates Value Across Asset Lifecycle

Digital Twin creates savings, safety, new capability, internal/external collaboration, and much more across each phase of asset lifecycle