Our Leadership

We are extremely selective about whom we have on our team. If you are interested and capable in contributing to a world class team in a hyper growth industry, please join us.

Robert Rocque

CEO - AerialOne

Prior to CEO of AerialOne, Mr. Rocque was contract CEO of Drone Dynamics, an early stage company in providing professional UAS Aerial Technology solutions, with lineage going back to 2013.

Previously, for over a decade, Mr. Rocque was the CEO of NTE LLC, an Enterprise Class SaaS multi-tenant ERP and B2B Collaboration solution, for the Fortune 500 and SMB market, specifically marketing and selling through a solution sales model. In prior years, NTE had over $95mm invested in the company by such companies as Fedex, AT&T, Michael Dell, MSD Ventures, and other VC’s.

Mr. Rocque has over three years as an M & A professional, as VP of a closely held Venture Fund. Mr. Rocque’s responsibility involved sourcing/negotiating acquisitions, management of current portfolio, fund raising, and divestiture. Previously, Mr. Rocque as principle, lead a number of startups and turnaround situations.

Mr. Rocque earned his MBA w/Honors Texas Tech University and Bachelors Degree from Bradley University

Kevin Sample

Strategic Transactions and Joint Ventures

Mr. Sample is one of the original founders and Managing Partner at OCP Acquisitions Group. Prior to co-founding OCP Mr. Sample was a Managing Director of Erasmus Advisors Co-Investment Fund which consisted of the following funds:
- Louisiana Growth Fund
- New York City Growth Fund
- Pinnacle Capital Fund (Wal-Mart, Inc)

Prior to Erasmus Advisors, Mr. Sample worked as a Senior Vice President at Walton Johnson & Company, a regional investment banking firm, where he managed the firms fixed income and equity sales and trading department.

Thomas Kurk

Director of Strategic Partnerships

My passion lies in growing companies in a purposeful manner. Working with motivated management teams to bring companies to their next level has proved to be a fulfilling experience for over 35 years.

Contributions to companies have covered identifying and executing capital formation funding strategies, venture capital funding, private equity funding, family offices funding and angel funding, recapitalizations, strategies and execution of opening new markets, creating strategic marketing alliances, turnarounds, recreating corporate visions, facilitating “end game” objectives, merger and acquisition strategies and execution, management buy outs MBO’s, leveraged buy outs LBO’s, initial public offerings IPO’s, reverse mergers, partnerships and joint-ventures.

Mark Allen

Director Of Strategic Relationships

Mark Allen is a former Coast Guard Officer and a graduate of the Coast Guard Academy. During his military tenure, he held numerous leadership positions and was responsible for the conduct of 20-50 person teams, millions of dollars in assets, and overall success of dozens of high profile operations.

In the private sector, Mark has served as a business growth strategist specializing in developing and implementing corporate expansion models, primarily for early stage companies. He has spent the last 10 years forming capitalization structures, M&A activities, and unique business development strategies designed to make a large impact to a company’s value.

Mark is highly experienced at working with disruptive companies in sectors such as mobility, software, cybersecurity, and healthcare. He has been the driving force for tens of millions in realized investment capital, hundreds of strategic partnerships, and several select acquisitions key to enhancing a company’s capability and overall value.

Luke Wylie

Subject Matter Expert - Beyond Line Of Sight

Drone Pilot, Drone Services, Engineering, Video Production, CNC Machining, 3D Printing

John Ford

Strategic Account Manager - nearmap

I run US Central Strategic Account Sales for nearmap. We are the worlds leading provider of geographic content. We offer the most current and granular view of the major urban areas that help counties, architects, construction and engineering firms, solar companies, real estate, insurance, telecommunications and utilities make better decisions. We strive to integrate well with existing GIS platforms like ESRI to help our customers get value as quickly as possible.

John has degrees in both law and accounting from the University of Montana.